Blacktown City Council adopts integrated water strategy

Blacktown City Council adopts integrated water strategy

The vision of a ‘water sensitive’ city where water, in all its forms, is valued and used wisely has been laid out in ‘Six streams’, Blacktown City Council’s Integrated water strategy 2020.

The actions in ‘Six streams’ commit Council to ambitious targets to be achieved by 2036. The strategy covers the management of water in all its forms including potable (drinking water), wastewater, recycled water and stormwater.

Between 2016 and 2036, the City is forecast to grow by more than 220,000 new residents and over 83,000 new dwellings.

Blacktown City Mayor, Tony Bleasdale OAM, said ‘Six streams’ was a significant step towards becoming the ‘water sensitive’, environmentally-committed city we need to be.

“Water is an essential element of everyday life in our communities,” Mayor Bleasdale said.

“With Blacktown City expected to welcome hundreds of thousands of new residents in the two decades to 2036, it is important that we start planning now for the impact this will have on the way we use and manage water.

“Six Streams will help Council manage the precious water resources and assets of our City in a way that makes sure we are prepared for a changing climate, and are therefore able to keep providing great outcomes for our residents.”

“The strategy will also provide a framework within which Council can foster positive behaviour in the community. I look forward to Council continuing to engage with stakeholders like Sydney Water, and our community, to help increase the benefits of an integrated approach to the management of our water resources.”

Urbanisation and urban heat mitigation are the 2 biggest influences on the future of water flows and the management of assets for Blacktown City as well as the health of our waterways.

In an already hot Western Sydney climate, another 30 square kilometres of imperviousness – hard surfaces such as roads, footpaths, and roof areas – will create an additional 25 gigalitres of stormwater runoff.

‘Six streams’ sets out a vision for Blacktown City to become a ‘water sensitive’ City, one which uses water in an efficient and smart way, recognises that water can improve the local amenity and combat urban heat, has highly valued waterways, and recognises the value of water in creating high quality open spaces, and that water can be used to create vibrant precincts.

The strategy will help Council with protecting communities from flooding, improving and protecting waterways, reducing urban heat impacts, drought-proofing a growing Blacktown City, adaptation for climate change, improving biodiversity, and improving liveability.

Without the adoption of the targets and actions outlined in the strategy, the future water balance in 2036 would see a 64% increase in the use of Council’s potable water consumption (water reserved or suitable for drinking), a 55% increase in stormwater runoff, and an additional 13 GL of treated wastewater discharged into creeks from Sydney Water wastewater treatment plants.

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