Welcome to Stormwater NSW

The rate of stormwater evolution has increased over the past few decades.  In the first half of last century, stormwater was only about flooding prevention however in the second half of the 20th century, the focus gradually shifted to water quality and pollution control.  With the Sydney Olympics in 2000, the NSW government allocated $80M for the purpose of improving stormwater, and this gave a real boost to the underfunded stormwater industry.

Since the Olympics, Councils have continued to implement their Stormwater Management Plans, and funds raised from the Stormwater Management Service Charge have allowed for a range of stormwater treatment options to be implemented.

Of recent times, the industry focus has been just as much on source control and water sensitive urban design, as it has been on more traditional gross pollutant traps and concrete conveyance options.

A recent focus of most Council’s who own and operate stormwater systems is to increase their level of sustainability, by installing stormwater harvesting solutions for non-potable reuse of treated stormwater.

The stormwater industry is relatively young, especially in Australia, and our rate of evolution has been incredible over the last two decades.  Part of this evolution is due to the dissemination of information by Stormwater NSW, and we’d like to thank our members who have provided information, attended our seminars and contributed to the development of our industry.

Stormwater NSW has many public stakeholders:

  • State government departments dealing with environment, planning, construction, education, water and sustainability
  • Local government who manage and own the majority of stormwater infrastructure assets

Our members come from a wide range of occupations and include:

  • Consulting and engineering practices
  • Surveyors and urban planners
  • Architects and builders
  • Civil construction contractors
  • Universities and research institutions
  • Manufacturers of stormwater products and equipment
  • Service industries to the environment and water quality industry such as maintenance contractors

Stormwater NSW continues to grow, and we welcome inquiries from new individual and corporate members, who wish to make a positive contribution to the peak industry body for stormwater professionals in NSW.

From a professional development perspective, Stormwater NSW aims to provide several seminars each year, as well as our annual conference.  We also aim to become a resource for stormwater professionals and a source of information for wider community including schools, industry  and the media alike.

Stormwater NSW is run by a voluntary committee that are all passionate about improving the management of stormwater.

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