Stormwater NSW held an online discussion in late June to record issues our members had experienced with the stormwater certification process. Following presentations by Rob Barbuto of Northern Beaches Council and April McKay of MidCoast Council about their experience of stormwater certification, we had an open discussion.

Participants were  able to record their responses to two questions on an online collaboration board:

  1. What about the certification process is contributing to assets being built (or not) that differ from the DA approval?
  2. Share your examples where the outcome at Occupation Certificate differed from the DA approval. If you can, provide reasons why you think this happened eg. certifier didn’t check, developer deceived certifier, council’s conditions weren’t clear or were inadequate.

You may still add your comments to this board. Please follow the link below, select a post-it note from the top of the left hand toolbar and add it to the board with your comment.

From 1-2pm on Tuesday 25 July, Stormwater NSW intends to present the identified issues along with possible solutions, and will highlight possible decision-makers who could help implement changes. Webinar participants will be able to contribute their own solutions and comment on the practicality or effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

Stormwater NSW intends to discuss the findings of the two workshops with identified decision-makers to drive improvements to the stormwater certification process and improve outcomes for waterway health and stormwater management.

If you registered for the first session you will automatically be registered to attend the second session and should have received an email with the link to join on Monday 3 July.

You can register for this session here.

This process is driven by Stormwater NSW’s desire to provide a forum to discuss blue-green infrastructure and waterway health, and advocate for the sustainable management of stormwater on behalf of our members. The consultation supports the ‘franc’ (Future-focused, Resilient, Adaptive and Networked Communities) initiative and drives action as proposed in our white paper ‘Blue-green stormwater management in NSW: Examination of challenges and pathways forward’, which you can provide comment on at


An on-site stormwater detention tank, approved by a private certifier.



Raingardens approved at development application approval stage were mostly non-compliant following private certification at Occupation Certificate stage (MidCoast Council)