Stormwater New South Wales and UNSW hosted two stormwater and waterway protection industry engagement webinars in July 2020, titled:

The State of WSUD in NSW – Challenges and Opportunities.

This two part webinar series looked at where NSW sits in the adoption of WSUD stormwater solutions and the barriers and challenges still standing in the way of the transition towards more sustainable practices.

The first webinar was held on Wednesday, 15th July and focused on the knowledge and practice behind water sensitive urban design. During this webinar, our first panel of industry experts discussed if NSW has the capacity required for the correct implementation of WSUD measures. Our second panel discussed if the correct communities of practice have been established and allow collaboration in a manner necessary to deliver improved standards, guidelines and other institutional instruments. See below videos of each panel:

The second webinar was held on Wednesday, 22nd July 2020 and focused on the policy and resourcing required for effective WSUD implementation. These panel sessions delved into the policy framework around WSUD in NSW, and how NSW fund the transition towards more sustainable stormwater management practices.

The findings from these seminars will be used to develop a white paper outlining the current status of WSUD adoption in NSW and suggested areas for research and development to further drive sustainable stormwater practices in NSW.

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