The theme for this conference Water Sensitive Practice. Every city. Every day. —highlights the real potential of water sensitive cities.  The conference is FREE for all participants, with a mix of face-to-face and on-line activities. Most of the conference is virtual except for Tuesday 16 March, with an optional in-person event followed by a networking dinner hosted in Parramatta.

After 9 years of research and collaboration, the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities has filled many of the big knowledge gaps that previously stood in our way. They have converted this new knowledge into tools and guidelines, and then deployed them in real life projects.  The 5th and final Water Sensitive Cities Conference, will allow us to:
• Learn from case studies, particularly transferable insights about what worked well and what we’d do differently
• Build networks within and between states, so that these lessons can flow
• Showcase the most recent tools emerging from the CRCWSC, and explore how industry has begun to use and evolve them
• Explore how others have scaled up sustainability practice, and what this means for water sensitive cities.

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