Please find below the Conference Papers from the 2017 Stormwater NSW Conference.

Assessing Directly Connected Impervious Areas in Residential Subdivisions in Western Sydney

Stephen Gribble, Cardno

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Effective Public Bushland Asset Management and its Role in the Environmental Sustainable Operation of the City of Newcastle

Dr Anne Clements, Anne Clements and Associates and Karenne Jurd, Newcastle City Council

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Councils Creating Change – Driving the Sustainable Water Management Agenda in Local Government

Alexa McAuley, McGregor Coxall

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Moving Towards a Water Sensitive Newcastle

Nathan Evans, Newcastle City Council

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Transformation of an Urban Lake in Mt Annan, NSW

Dov Ben-Avraham, Northrop Consulting

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Harnessing the Momentum – Incorperating the Lessons Learnt During Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Bio-Retention Systems, Along with Observations of Natural Templates, Into the Design Process

Nigel Bosworth, Calibre Consulting

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