Stormwater NSW is committed to providing industry leadership on best practice stormwater management and we have recently released our position statement on sustainable funding for stormwater management.
We are actively advocating the state government on your behalf to increase the stormwater management service charge (SMSC) to the same rate as charged by Sydney Water. We are aware there are other issues with the Office of Local Government’s Stormwater Management Service Charge (SMSC) Guidelines and the administration of the SMSC that we would also like to work through with the state government.
As we continue to advocate in this space we welcome your feedback and experience on any aspect of the SMSC Guidelines, the SMSC rates, administration, what the levy can be used for etc. You can provide feedback here or

What we know:

  • The SMSC has not increased, even in line with CPI, since its introduction in 2005
  • The SMSC, in most cases, is not sufficient for Council to maintain and operate its assets
  • Not all Councils levy the SMSC

What we have heard:

  • Councils want to increase the SMSC at least in line with the stormwater charge levied by Sydney Water
  • It should be mandated that all Councils charge the SMSC
  • Councils want to use the funds to not only operate and maintain stormwater systems but to implement stormwater projects that have multiple benefits
  • Councils want more transparency and accountability how the SMSC funds are spent

Please help us to help support the industry. We encourage your feedback.

Read our Position Statement on the Stormwater Management Service Charge:  SW NSW Position Statement – Stormwater Charge