André completed a Bachelor Honours Degree in Petroleum Engineering which led to working in the energy sector. Whilst working in the field of energy/petroleum he developed a vast interest in environmental management, which along with his deep passion and love of the ocean made him change careers to stormwater management in pursuit of making a real difference in saving the environment. Andre is now the National Engineering Team Manager for SPEL Stormwater and his role mainly focuses on collaborating with consultants, councils, and authorities to implement viable effective treatment solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Andre is also passionate about raising awareness within the community and strives to get all the different segments united with a common goal of protecting our precious waterways.  He is an Ambassador for Stormwater Shepherds, which is an International not-for-profit, committed to restoring health to our waterways, his work with Stormwater Shepherd revolves around organizing clean-up days, educating the community on plastic pollution, and lobbying councils to mandate zero pollution targets.

Andre is always enthusiastic about exploring valuable collaborative opportunities, he would love to hear from you if you do too.