Sydney Water has engaged Optimal Stormwater to do the Auditing of the first 10 of their GPTs.  These are the hardest, largest and most problematic historically.  Its great that Sydney Water is now spending millions on wetlands and bioretention solutions, but its also important they are getting the full value from their 70 large GPTs that have been installed periodically over the past 50 years.  Some of these devices have catchments of over 1000ha, and pollution loads in the hundreds of tonnes.

Optimal Stormwater did the first site, a large online trashrack in Blacktown, and based on the quality of the GPT Audit Report and Recommendations, they were engaged to do the next 9 devices.  Some of these are among the most well known GPTs in Sydney and include Wolli Creek GPT, the Cup & Saucer Trashrack, the Orissa St GPT and Mackay Park Trashrack.  There is also a CDS unit, Baramy Trap, Cleansall and an Ecosol, so there is a cross section of proprietary devices a well.

Murray Powell from Optimal Stormwater was quoted as saying “its great to see Sydney Water taking a look back to see how the tens of millions of dollars worth of existing primary treatment assets are working.  The outcomes of this will feed into future decisions on not just rectification and upgrading works, but also what type of primary treatment devices and GPTs to install in the future”  The first 10 audits will be finished in a week or two, and the remaining devices are earmarked for auditing next financial year.  Sydney Water has seen the gains by many leading Sydney Councils who have already done this, and are keen to get their GPTs working at peak performance too.