For those that have spent time caring about the Cooks, have you seen this video “Kayaking the sickest urban river in Australia” by Beau Miles?

Follow his journey along the river, from the headwaters to Botany Bay. He tells the story of 150-years of increasing urbanisation and pollution; right up to the present day. Not everything he sees along the way is positive. There are plastic bottles, soccer balls, and far too many straight lines and concrete channels. The litter booms are shown stopping plastic from flowing into the ocean. He sees turtles and pelicans, open flowing water, and river banks returning to their natural state.

If you want to be part of the solution, join the Cooks River Alliance who are working hard to fix the problems Beau points out, and to bring the River back to life. They need more people who understand the River and want to care for it. More information: or join