The Georges Riverkeeper have just released this report A Practical Guide for Gross Pollutant Trap Planning, Design & Procurement, to support Councils in reaching the goal of zero litter to the Georges River!

Murray Powell, Secretary of Stormwater NSW, and one of the authors of the report says:

‘This Practical Guide assists Councils to understand the minefield of issues when looking to size, site and design a GPT.  It starts with planning and understanding how your current assets are working, and then logically progresses from there.  It was an interesting task preparing this guide.  There are no magic formulas and no device recommendations, but after reading the guide, the reader will have a greatly improved understanding of what to do and why.  There are plenty of examples of GPTs that have not met expectations, and this guide will help you understand why, and what should be done in the future.  Georges Riverkeeper and Optimal Stormwater prepared these for all the Councils feeding into the Georges River, but this document is equally applicable everywhere.’

Download the Report from the Georges Riverkeeper site.