Dr Wikke Novalia, a Senior Research Fellow at Monash University, is asking for participants in a research project titled: Tracing the impact of urban experimentation in water and energy domains.

This project investigates the policy impact of urban experimentations (trials / pilots / demonstrations projects) with distributed water solutions, e.g. rainwater tanks, stormwater harvesting, WSUDs, onsite recycling, etc.

The project has two primary objectives:

1) development of a database of experimentations across Australian cities (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth); and

2) in-depth analysis of learning pathways from experiments to policy change.

This research would benefit from your perspectives on the role of experimentation in the sector. The research will generate practical insights to inform policy/regulatory shifts.

Participation in this research would involve a semi-structured interview of up to 60 minutes. Interviews are expected to run throughout June-July 2023. Should you (or someone in your networks) be interested in participating please contact wikke.novalia@monash.edu (or 0421 111 758) to set up an initial conversation.