Stormwater NSW 2018 Awards for Excellence

The Stormwater NSW 2018 Awards for Excellence encourages and celebrates excellence in the innovation, development, completion and management of stormwater projects and the people involved.

The 2018 Stormwater NSW Awards for Excellence will be presented at the 2018 StormwaterNSW Gala Dinner, to be held in July, 2018. Attendance at the Awards Presentation if preferred but not a requirement of submission.

The Award categories for the 2018 Awards for Excellence are:

  • Excellence in Strategic or Master Planning
  • Excellence in Infrastructure
  • Excellence in Asset Management
  • Excellence in Research and Innovation
  • Excellence in Policy or Education
  • Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design
  • Young Stormwater Professional of the Year

There are many benefits of winning a Stormwater NSW Award for Excellence, including:

  • Recognition of the project’s excellence
  • Showcasing and promoting the project, people and organisations involved
  • Demonstrating to all stakeholders that your organisation is a leader in its field
  • Recognising the personal achievements of your staff involved in the project
  • Ongoing promotion including media coverage
  • Having the Award proudly on display within your organisation
  • Providing an example of excellence that can be advocated and promoted elsewhere
  • Entry to the National Stormwater Awards for Excellence for 2017–2018. To be presented at the Stormwater National Conference Dinner in 2018

2018 Stormwater NSW Excellence Awards Form

SNSW 2018 Awards for Excellence Kit

Awards for Excellence – 2017 NSW Winners

Integrated Stormwater Design (Winner)

Australian Wetlands Consulting & Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Greater West Landscapes and Northrop Consulting Engineers

Kirkham Rise Estate Integrated Stormwater Strategy

Kirkham Estate in the rapid growth area of western Sydney required a stormwater treatment strategy. Early strategy development incorporated a traditional approach to management of stormwater on the site. However, the multi-disciplinary team worked collaboratively to utilise existing site features and develop an integrated strategy that allowed for significant cost savings and improvement to community engagement opportunities and local ecology. (Read More)

Integrated Stormwater Design (Highly Commended)

Costin Roe Consulting & NSW Department of Planning and Development, Fairfield City Council and the Developer: Frasers Property and Western Sydney Parklands Trust; as well as various Companies with Tennants on the Estate Lots such as Martin Brower, Nick Scali, Survitec, Border Express, DHL, Schenker and Yusen Lo
Horsley Drive Business Park Stage 1

Developed with sustainability and community benefit as key priorities, the Horsley Drive Business Park, on the corner of Horsley Drive and Cowpasture Rd, Wetherill Park, is a newly-established industrial estate with large B-double approved entry roads, and generous loading areas. The location is highly convenient for commercial and industrial tenants as it is within a few minutes’ drive of the M7, M4, and M5 motorways, and only around 40-minutes by road from central Sydney, Sydney Airport, and Port of Sydney. The location also provides access to a large and experienced workforce residing in the vibrant and fast-growing Western Sydney precinct. (Read More)

Excellence in Infrastructure (Highly Commended)

Sydney Water Corporation & Thompson Berrill Landscape Design and Total Earth Care
Alexandra Canal Rehabilitation at Tempe Reserve

Sydney Water has reconstructed three hundred metres of Alexandra Canal, adjacent to Tempe Reserve near Sydney Airport. (Read More)

Excellence in Master or Strategic Planning (Winner)

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate & ACT and Australian Government
ACT Healthy Waterways: Delivering City-Wide Stormwater Quality Improvement

ACT Healthy Waterways is investing $93.5m over five years to improve long term water quality in the ACT and Murrumbidgee River System.  The project will reduce the amount of phosphorous, nitrogen and total suspended sediment entering ACT’s lakes and waterways which, in turn, have a significant impact on the Murrumbidgee River and broader iconic Murray-Darling Basin.

The first phase of the ACT Healthy Waterways project involved comprehensive investigations into water quality dynamics at a catchment level, identification and investigation of potential water management options as well as research into community expectations around ACT waterways and what the community understandings about the cause and options to deal with stormwater pollution. As a result a wide range of potential water management options were identified and developed. (Read More)

Excellence in Asset Management (Highly Commended)

Mosman Council & Optimal Stormwater
Enhancing the Yield and Reliability of Recycled Water: The Process of Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of the Botanic Stormwater Harvesting Scheme Operations

This project is NOT about the original design, construction and benefits of having a stormwater harvesting scheme at Balmoral. That project would be in the category of Infrastructure and that project was done 9 years ago. This project is VERY different, it is about Asset Management.

This project IS about the process Council went through, taking a sub-par stormwater harvesting scheme, that was not meeting Council expectations, and overcoming all the issues, to bring it fully back to life. The system was not operating satisfactorily until we dedicated the funding to its investigation and renewal, and selected the right partner that specialises in this field to assist us.

Council noted that it was not getting the water sustainability outcomes it expected from the significant investment in infrastructure it had made. We considered various partners to assist us, however, as we had worked successfully with Optimal Stormwater on numerous previous occasions, we engaged them to advise us why the scheme wasn’t working as expected, and what would be required to get it fixed and fully operational. (Read More)

Excellence in Policy and Education (Winner)

Blacktown City Council
The Blacktown Developer Toolkit for Water Sensitive Urban Design

Stormwater management practices in Blacktown are extremely complex because there are three planning instruments that govern the LGA including:

  • The North West Growth Centre (NWGC) SEPP
  • The Western Sydney Employment Area (WSEA) SEPP
  • The Blacktown

Stormwater infrastructure is being planned and designed by a multitude of different teams including:

  • Council in-house teams in the NWGC and infill areas
  • Council consultants designing stormwater infrastructure in the NWGC and WSEA
  • private developers who are working within the NWGC, WSEA and infill area.

With such a diverse range of designers and planners responsible for well over $500 million in stormwater infrastructure it is vital that Council is assured that we will inherit high calibre drainage infrastructure. Read More.

Excellence in Research and Innovation (Highly Commended)

Sydney Water Corporation
Using Drones to Undertake Inspections of Open Stormwater Channels

As our population grows and the complexity of our environment increases, new technology provides water utilities opportunities to seek innovative ways to manage our assets. The use of drones, both Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) referred to as aerial drones and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), referred to as aquatic drones provides us with such an opportunity. Sydney Water undertook a trial to use aerial and aquatic drones as an alternative approach to undertake inspections of our open stormwater channels. Read more.

Awards for Excellence – 2016 NSW Winners

Excellence In Infrastructure

Cardno Pty Ltd and Scentre Group
Managing Flooding of Warringah Mall in Brookvale

Warringah Mall is a regional shopping centre located within the Brookvale Creek catchment in the Sydney’s northern suburbs. Read More

City of Sydney, Turf Design Studio and Environmental Partnership
Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project

Much has been achieved over the past two decades to transform the Sydney Park site from its former post-industrial history and waste disposal, into 44 hectares of parkland and a vital asset for the growing communities of Sydney’s southern suburbs. Read More

WaterNSW and Blue Mountains City Council
Leura Falls Catchment Improvement Project

Leura Falls Creek originates in an urbanised sub-catchment (Leura), flows through the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and drains to Sydney’s drinking water supply at Lake Burragorang. Read More

Excellence In Policy Or Education

Bankstown City Council
Stormwater Audit and Education Program

Since 2008 the Stormwater Audit Program of Bankstown City Council, in Sydney’s south west, has engaged commercial and industrial business operators in preventing stormwater pollution, operating under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act). Read More

Excellence In Research & Innovation

WaterNSW, Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management, Blue Mountains City Council and Wollondilly Shire Council
Stormwater Pollution Investigation Pilot Project

WaterNSW (WNSW) identified, using the Pollution Source Assessment Tool, that the risk to water quality from stormwater is a key contributor to the pollution risk in the urban areas of Sydney’s Drinking Water Catchment (SDWC). Read More