April 11, 2018 all-day
Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby Shire Council Region
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Site Information 

Site 1: Bio Filter – Stormwater Harvesting
Dawson Avenue, Thornleigh
Hornsby Council
A combination of biofiltration (on top) with stormwater harvesting, this bioretention basin set in a bushland setting (National Park) aims to capture, treat and store stormwater for irrigation of a nearby sports field. It will remove litter, excessive organic matter, sediment and pollutants, as well as store water.

Site 2: Biofiltration Basin
Lyne Rd, Cheltenham
Hornsby Council
Known as ‘nature filters’, biofiltration systems are used in Hornsby Shire to get rid of the pollutants in stormwater before it flows in to creeks. These specially designed basins use a combination of plants and loamy sand to filter pollutants from stormwater run-off. Being nearly 10 years old, this site illustrates issues relating to: planting densities (too dense to clean, so GPT recently installed); plant growth, dominance, shading etc. Hydraulic conductivity and media sampling has been undertaken.

Site 3: Creek Rehabilitation, GPT, Wetland and Stormwater Harvesting
Chisolm Street, North Turramurra
Ku-ring-gai Council
As part of approval requirements for a recent Council subdivision and land release, local creek rehabilitation works were undertaken with a pool and riffle design, along with stormwater runoff from the subdivision being diverted into a GPT for primary treatment before flowing into a two stage wetland for secondary treatment. Water treated by the wetland is harvested and pumped to a nearby Oval where it is used for irrigation.

Site 4: Stormwater Harvesting – Biofilter
Comenarra Playing Field
Ku-ring-gai Council
The stormwater harvesting system at Comenarra Playing Field utilises biofiltration treatment before storage and reuse of the stormwater for irrigation of the field. The site has a steep grade and required an unconventional design for the biofilter to ensure a large enough surface area for the filter could be achieved.  The final design includes three separate filter beds at different levels that follow the natural slope of the land, giving the biofilter the appearance of a water feature during rain.

The system at Comenarra playing field also forms part of Ku-ring-gai Council’s Catchment Remediation Program that was the winner of the Local Government and Shires Association’s Environmental Award in the Stormwater and Urban Waterways Award category 2008.

Site 5: Sewer Mining and Reuse
North Turramurra Golf Course
Ku-ring-gai Council
(Induction required)
Sewage flow is extracted and treated through a combination of physical, biological and chemical processes prior to disinfection to provide recycled water that is fit for purpose for irrigation of the golf course.  Utilisation of sewer mining for irrigation provides a water source that has high security, as the source is not reliant on rainfall or impacted by water restrictions. Solar panels have been added to the site to offset the energy

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